About the Book A tribute to the man, the family and their legacy.

The inspiring story of Wong Chu King and his Wongchuking family captured in eight chapters and a collection of more than a hundred full-color and monochromatic never-before-seen photographs.

It is a chronicle of how Wong Chu King started his business, met his wife Nelia, raised their family and overcame endless challenges to become a successful and enduring family-owned cigarette empire in the Philippines.

The Official Wongchuking Book

Spread throughout eight chapters, this official book chronicles the stories of Wong Chu King, his wife Nelia and kids Emmanuel, Rosario, Helen, Marietta, Alexander and Caesar and how they successfully overcame obstacles to build a lasting cigarette empire.

Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Photos

The compendium contains exclusive, never-before-seen high-def photos culled from the family archive. It is a collection of their family photos, the company, the employees, as well as various endeavors and tributes that is sure to delight the reader.

A Tell-All Story

From establishing La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos in 1945 and the transition to Mighty Corporation, the book is a tell-all story leading to the events of the company’s eventual sale to JTI Philippines. It contains various commentaries and anecdotes from the Wongchuking family, the company’s longest-serving employees, and exclusive interview from JTI Philippines CEO Manos Koukourakis.
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Message To Our Readers Nelia D. Wongchuking, Family Matriarch

Thank you for visiting our site as we unveil our book about the life of my late husband, Wong Chu King.

Before finding success in building his cigarette empire and other businesses, he was met with numerous challenges and hardships that he gladly overcome with the help of his loyal, hardworking employees. We were fortunately blessed with six wonderful children – Emmanuel, Rosario, Helen, Marietta, Alexander and Caesar – who also helped grow the business to greater heights.

Now out of the cigarette industry, we move forward to new frontiers as we perpetuate the memory of our founder in our endeavors.

This is the story of Wong Chu King, his family and his legacy.

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Read the inspiring story of Wong Chu King.